Although you may not be able to see, smell or touch it, air pollution impacts the health of everyone.

Death from asthma in children below 11 years of age has been increasing over 7% each year. 1/3 of our national health care costs may be directly attributable to indoor air pollution.


“Mutant strains of the microbials (germs) that cause diseases have become resistant to the antibiotics used to kill them”

“由于今天的节能, 紧密或封闭的建筑结构, the air in our homes and work place is always 2-5 times more polluted than the worst exterior air.”

“首先是接触(碎片和尘螨), 关键的一年可能会引发终生的过敏. 没有治疗,只有预防。”



The 疾病控制中心 and Prevention present this analysis of the causes and aggravation of allergies:

  • 31% (VOCs)挥发性有机化合物(气味和气体)
  • 35%(微粒)有机 & 无机……. 尘螨皮屑,烟雾,花粉 & 灰尘
  • 34%(生物气溶胶)细菌…. 细菌、病毒 & 真菌


Our lungs act as filters to prevent contaminants larger than 4 microns from entering the blood stream. 98%的室内空气污染小于1微米.



  1. 源控制
  2. 改善通风
  3. 空气清洁剂


Usually the most effective way to improve indoor air quality is to eliminate individual sources of pollution or to reduce their emissions

Another approach to lowering the concentrations of indoor air pollutants in your home is to increase the amount of outdoor air coming indoors.

Opening windows and doors; operating bathroom and kitchen fans that exhaust outdoors, 是否有助于稀释或去除室内空气中的污染物.

It is particularly important to take as many of these steps as possible while you are involved in short-term activities that can generate high levels of pollutants – for example, 绘画, 油漆剥离, 煤油加热器加热, 烹饪或从事维修和爱好活动,如焊接, 焊接或打磨. 你也可以选择在户外进行这些活动.

Most residential forced air-heating systems and air-conditioning systems do not bring outdoor air into the house mechanically, and infiltration and natural ventilation are relied upon to bring outdoor air into the home. 

Advanced designs of new homes are starting to feature mechanical systems that bring outdoor air into the home. Some of these designs include energy-efficient heat recovery ventilators (also know as air-to-air heat exchangers).


We can improve your indoor air quality with additional mechanical ventilation systems.


市场上有很多类型和尺寸的空气净化器, ranging from relatively inexpensive table-top models to sophisticated and expensive whole-house systems. 有些空气净化器在去除微粒方面非常有效, 而其他的, 包括大多数桌面模型, 就不那么重要了. Air cleaners are generally not designed to remove gaseous pollutants (VOC’s).

The effectiveness of an air cleaner depends on how well it collects pollutants from indoor air (expressed as a percentage efficiency rate) and how much air it draws through the cleaning or filtering element (expressed in cubic fee per minute).

在过去的几年里, there has been some publicity suggesting that houseplants have been shown to reduce levels of some chemicals in laboratory experiments. 目前还没有证据, 然而, that a reasonable number of houseplants remove significant quantities of pollutants in homes and offices. 潮湿的土壤, from over-watered houseplants may promote the growth of micro-organisms which can affect allergic individuals.

目前, EPA does not recommend using air cleaners to reduce levels of radon and its decay products.

根据美国肺脏协会, 室内空气质量差可能会引起头痛, 眼睛干涩, 恶心想吐, 乏力, 还有鼻塞. 而完全消除室内空气污染是不可能的, 空气净化器可以是一个伟大的投资,改善整体健康.

除了, 这些设备有助于去除细菌, reduce the risk of airborne diseases and reduce the impact of secondhand 烟. Most allergy sufferers see a huge improvement in their condition after purchasing an air cleaner. 

Finally, these devices are excellent for maintaining fresh air and keeping odors at bay.

中央空气净化器, 也被称为全屋空气净化器, 直接安装到你家的暖通空调系统. 每次你的中央供暖系统或空调运行的时候, 空气在被输送到家里之前要经过过滤.

中央空气净化器可以去除不同程度的过敏原, 颗粒和污染物, (灰尘, 烟, 花粉, 宠物毛发和霉菌). 它们安静、方便、维护成本低,但价格也很昂贵.


There are two types of central air cleaners that filter the air by removing Particulate:


机械空气过滤器 range from the basic air filter that is already incorporated into your furnace, 哪个不是很有效, 到高效高效空气微粒过滤器,可捕获约99.97%的小于0.3微米.

中档的选择是一个褶皱的空气过滤器, which is inserted into your furnace slot like a regular filter but removes a greater percentage of particles. 在一般情况下, 机械空气过滤器的设计目的是去除灰尘等颗粒, 花粉, 动物毛和一些霉菌孢子.


电子空气净化器, 也叫静电空气除尘器, 使用带电荷的过滤器来捕获粒子. 它们比标准或褶皱机械空气过滤器有效得多.

Some are designed to fit into your furnace slot, but the best performing models are separate systems. 这些过滤器需要定期更换,就像基本的空气过滤器一样. However, some electronic air cleaners may produce Ozone, which can irritate the lungs.

我们提供全屋极化媒体空气净化器. 它们是一种经济实惠的空气净化解决方案, 具有最小的安装成本和易于经济维护. 这些设备的电子产品有终身保修.

There are two types of central air cleaners designed to clean the air by removing contaminants, 细菌和污染物:紫外线杀菌照射(UVGI)清洁剂, 及臭氧发生器.

  • UVGI air cleaners remove biologicals such as viruses and bacteria using ultraviolet (UV) lights. Ultraviolet light is a scientifically correct solution and addresses the gas and germ phases of indoor air pollution. 这些是设计用于空气过滤器,而不是代替空气过滤器.
  • Ozone generators remove particles, gases and biologicals using UV lamps or electrical charges. They are highly effective cleaners; 然而, they do produce Ozone emissions. 如果家里有人过敏,就不要使用, 哮喘或其他肺部疾病, 环境保护署对此提出了警告.


To effectively correct and address the gas and germ phase of indoor air pollution, we offer:


All the UV Germicidal Air Purifiers come with a Lifetime Warranty on electronics. UV灯的使用寿命长达2年.


这些都是相同的空气净化器与氧化单位包括. All the UV Germicidal Air Purifiers come with a Lifetime Warranty on electronics. UV灯的使用寿命长达2年.


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